Dr. Sam

The World's Most Politically Correct Speaker

Presentations Designed to Offend Absolutely No One and Nothing

Appropriate for audiences comprised of, but not limited to, the following:

  • races
  • ethnicities
  • sensitivities
  • genders (defined, trans and exploratory)
  • nationalities
  • education levels
  • dietary preferences
  • disabled or challenged individuals
  • employment statuses
  • skin color
  • political views
  • immigration statuses
  • athletic teams of all names
  • those with experiences with real, alleged, past, present or planned harassment in any form
  • bullies and the bullied
  • cities with statues of all kinds from all historical periods
  • locations with or without ten commandment plaques or nativity scenes.

Presentation High-Points

  • Learn why the "Letter Word" terms e.g. The "N" word, the "C" word, the "F" word , don't work and are themselves offensive, and hear the solution.
  • Learn how to avoid hurting people with alternatives to using such offensive and non-inclusive terms as "Good Morning" and "Ladies and Gentlemen."
  • Learn Dr. Sam's approach to non-offensive food preparation
  • Hear Dr. Sam's call for a complete revision of the mathematical sciences to avoid the use of widely accepted but insensitive constants and symbols

About Dr. Sam

Messages through good-natured, non-inflammatory humor and music

Dr. Sam's Best Selling Book now Available as E-Book and Paperback on

Here's what some had to say:

  • I LOVED THIS BOOK; it was fun, happy, very clever, a fast read, interesting and very very entertaining.
  • All of the fairy tales that I heard as a child, each told from opposite extremes of political correctness. Super funny and clever.
  • . . . hilariously funny twist on traditional fairytales. Regardless of your political persuasion, the two viewpoints presented . . . make everyone forget reality. I loved it!
  • Very funny! LOL
Billed as "The World's Most Reluctant Band" (since it was Managed Music and Dr. Sam preferred to perform as little service as possible)

Toured the US with satirical parody band with such hit tunes as "You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Blue Shield", and "You're One Hip Mama — 'Cause They Won't Pay For Two", and appeared in People Magazine, USA Today, on CNN, NPR, Fox among may other national syndicated broadcast and print media features and interviews.

More than 75,000 CDs sold

Author of "Before You Go".

A tribute & "Thank You" to our Aging Veterans of WWII with later versions for Veterans of the Korean War and Vietnam.

Streamed more than 25 million times from its website.

Vice President of Vets Helping Heroes, a non-profit that raises funds to provide service dogs to wounded veterans

Recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal, Freedoms Foundation for work on behalf of our veterans


Media Kit and Videos


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  • FOX TV - Weekend Health
  • CNN:
    CNN Headline News
    CNN Airline News
    CNN "Your Health"
    CNN "Business Unusual"
  • WXEL Public Broadcasting
  • KCOP TV Channel 13 (UPN) Los Angeles
  • WSVN TV (Fox) Miami "Healthcast"
  • WFLX TV Channel 29 (FOX) West Palm Beach
  • WPBF TV Channel 25 (ABC) Palm Beach Gardens
  • WPTV, Channel 5, West Palm Beach, FL
  • WPBTV, Channel 5, ABC Affiliate
  • EHR TV
  • ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, CSpan 11/11/09


  • "The Health Show" on FOX News
  • "Marketplace" on Public Radio International - David Brancaccio
  • "The Osgood File" on CBS Radio Network
  • Associated Press Radio Network - Ira Dreyfuss
  • ABC Radio Network
  • CBS News Radio Network - Mike Donahue - Linda Coombs
  • KTRS Radio, St. Louis: Lauren Ryan - John Carney Show
  • Daybreak USA, Dallas
  • National Morning Radio, Charlotte
  • Hightower Radio, Austin
  • WTAN, Tampa - Dr. Gregory Heigh - Dr. Claire Heigh Show
  • KBEQ, Kansas City
  • WTIZ, Hartford CT
  • WJNO, Fort Lauderdale - Michelle Dwyer Show
  • WCTO, Bethlehem, PA - Ken Anderson
  • Here's To Your Health - Deborah Ray - Talk radio Network
  • 135 Nationally Syndicated stations
  • Audio Digest
  • Radio Iowa - Kay Henderson
  • KMRX Tulsa, OK - Jill Gleason
  • "People's Pharmacy" - Public Radio International
  • Morning Show with Russ Morely - WRMS, W. Palm Beach, FL
  • WDST Radio - Woodstock, NY with Doug Grunther
  • The "Lezly Garrett Interview" show - WBZT, W Palm Beach, FL
  • The Guetzloe Report, Talk Radio WAMT 1190, Orlando FL, Doug Guetzloe - Host
  • Rick Crandall KEZW, Denver CO
  • KRCL Radio, Salt Lake City, UT
  • SRN 1690 AM, Riverside, Iowa
  • The Monks Media Radio Network, Jeff Monks, Noblesville, IN 46060
  • Veterans Radio, WAAM, Ann Arbor, MI, Dale Thornbeery - Host
  • "The View From Wayne America", Mark Ahmann , Host , KTCH Radio , Wayne NE 68787
  • WXEL Public Radio, South Florida Forum; Ann Bocock host, Delray Beach, FL 33483
  • 'CPR' Constitutional Public Radio w/ Andrea Shea King & Mark Vance WWBC Cocoa Beach, FL
  • United We Roll - Stardust Radio Entertainment, Jeff Showalter -Host
  • KTLK Radio - Brie Walker host - Los Angeles, CA 1/27/07 and 3/10/07
  • GI Radio Network - Host Tom Graver 3/10/07
  • The Joyce Kauffman Show, WFTL, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • WNIS Radio - Patricia Wilson Show 2/29/08
  • GI Radio WBZT - Tom Graver host 3/15/08
  • WKBK, Keene, NH - Al Kulas host 4/26/08
  • Listen to the Eagle with host Paul Ott 3/5/08
    Southwest Mississippi WAKH 105.7 FM - McComb
    WJDR 98.3 FM - Prentiss
    KFNV 107.1 FM - Natchez
    Southeast Mississippi WXAB 96.9 FM - Wiggins
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    WMXI 98.1 FM - Hattiesburg/Laurel
    Central Mississippi WBYT 107.1 FM - Yazoo City
    WFCA 107.9 FM - French Camp/Starkville WMOX 1010 AM - Meridian
    WPBQ 1240 AM - Jackson
    WYAB 93.1 FM - Jackson
    Northeast Mississippi WFCA 107.9 FM - French Camp/Columbus
    WBVV 99.3FM - Booneville/Tupelo
    WQXB 100.1FM - Grenada/Oxford
    Northwest Mississippi WDMS 100.7 FM - Greenwood/Greenville
    WBYT 107.1 FM - Yazoo City/Vicksburg
    WQXB 100.1FM - Grenada/Batesville
    Butler, Alabama WPRN 107.7 FM
  • United We Roll World Tour Show - Stardust Radio, Host Judi Burns, June 10, 2008
  • Veteran's Radio, Ann Harbor - Dale Thornberry & Bob Gould, Hosts 12/6/08
  • Rockingham County Radio - 1420 WMYN, Madison/Mayodan - 1490 WLOE, Host Mike Moore 7/27/09
  • Beasley Broadcast Group's WSBR 740 AM and WWNN 1470AM 10/13/09
  • Guetzloe Report, Talk Radio WAMT 1190, Orlando FL 11/10/2010
  • . . . . . and many more

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